3rd meeting of the International MRV Expert Group in Bonn

mrv-How to refine and scale up MRV blueprints was one of the main questions during the 3rd meeting of the international MRV expert group on March 20th 2015. The MRV expert group of the TRANSfer project was established in 2014 with the aim to further the understanding of Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of transport NAMAs and to support the development of MRV methodologies and MRV guidance for transport activities.

It is the explicit aim of TRANSfer to develop a common understanding of elements and structure of an MRV system for transport and MRV methodologies for NAMAs across the members of the MRV expert group.

The workshop’s thematic focus was to discuss draft MRV blueprints and how they can be put to best use to foster low carbon sustainable transport interventions. Prior to the workshop, MRV blueprints  for  transport  NAMAs  were conceptualised as detailed  step-by-step documentations of   MRV  methodologies  for  specific  transport  NAMAs,  each  exemplified by  a  case  study.

Aims of the workshop were:
1. To  agree  on  a  common structure  and  contents  for  MRV  blueprints  for transport  NAMAs  based  on  the  presentation  of three cases.
2. To   collect   ideas   on   the   potential   and   possibilities   to   scale-up   MRV   blueprint development.

For further information on the workshop and the work of the MRV Expert Group please visit our website: http://transport-namas.org/measuring-reporting-and-verification-mrv-expert-group/

For having access to the complete report on the workshop please  click here.

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