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MobiliseYourCity website launched during the ITF Summit in Leipzig, Germany

MobiliseYourCityThe initiative MobiliseYourCity launched its’  Website during the International Transport Forum Summit in Leipzig, Germany (18-20 May 2016). During the 3 days of the Summit, the partners met and presented the initiative to the public and potential new Partners.

MobiliseYourCity supports cities and their national governments in developing and emerging countries to plan sustainable urban mobility in order to develop more inclusive, livable and economically efficient cities and reduce Greenhouse gas emissions. On the website, you will find information about the initiative, its objectives, the partners, documents related to mobility planning and latest news.

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Bicycle Infrastructure Guideline for Colombian Cities

portada guiaOn April 28th the Colombian Ministry of Transport published the first Bicycle Infrastructure Guideline for Colombian cities. The document will serve local leaders and technical professionals as a guide for the construction of projects which provide adequate infrastructure for cycling.

The guide was prepared by the Ministry of Transport, through the Sustainable Urban Mobility Unit and supported and revised by national and international experts, including the Colombian TRANSfer team, considering that this guide is a part of the NAMA TanDem Measures in Colombia.

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Comprehensive technical guidelines for Lima’s cycling infrastructure

fetch-UID11Even though Lima is described as having good geographic and climatic conditions for cycling, commutes by bicycle today have a mode share of mere 0.9%. The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima (MML) plans to increase this share to reach 2% by the end of 2018 and has started to carry out various initiatives and programs to promote cycling, such as car-free Sundays or awareness raising campaigns in schools and for car Drivers. Continue reading

New Guide on Data Collection for Emission Quantification in Chinese Cities

Foto NewsletterAs part of the TRANSfer project, GIZ China published the “Monitoring Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Transport Activities in Chinese Cities – A Step-by-Step Guide to Data Collection”. It aims at enabling environmental authorities in Chinese cities to generate a regular emissions inventory of the transport sector. Considering local traffic situations and data availability, the guide outlines three different approaches to calculate transport activities.

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Reference Document on Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) in the Transport Sector

Photo Credit: Armin Wagner

How to assess the impact of transport based mitigation efforts? Where to find good measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) practices and what requirements must be met in terms of data collection? Our recently published Reference Document on MRV in the transport sector  informs on how to develop comprehensive and consistent national systems for MRV Continue reading

Two Green Tyre Assessments: GHG Mitigation Potentials for Truck Tyres in Road Freight Transport in the EU and China

truck_chinaThe transport sector is responsible for a large share of energy consumption, which correlates with the emission of polluting greenhouse gases (GHG) and therefore indirectly with climate change. The TRANSfer projects has analysed the saving potentials of road freight transport in two studies.

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Analysis of COP21 by SLoCaT


Source: slocat

“While hopes are high, the burden of expectation is higher” (representative from South Africa in the COP21 closing session).

Shortly after the end of the COP21, the Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon transport (SLoCaT) has published an initial assessment of the Paris Agreement and the associated COP21 decision.

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Webinar: New Vehicle Fuel Economy and CO2 Emission Standard Regulations

banner-3This webinar focuses on one of the most effective tools to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicle fleets: New Vehicle Fuel Economy and CO2 Emission Standard Regulations. The presentation describes the basics aspects of FE/CO2 regulations: Continue reading

Transport Tackles Climate Change Thursday – Side event at the UN Climate Change Conference

INDCs are expected to become key components of a new climate change agreement, and thus Parties to the Convention must think critically about sectorial approaches. In this context, bold mitigation strategies in the transport sector will be an essential element of raising pre-2020 ambition and meeting post-2020 national targets. Continue reading

NAMA Facility Appraisal Mission for TRANSPerú

transport-nama-peruNAMA Facility Appraisal Mission for the Support Project to the Peruvian SUT- NAMA TRANSPerú officially concluded under high-level participation.

On Monday, March 16th, after eight days of intense bilateral talks and group workshops, the expert appraisal mission for the NAMA Facility Support Project to the Sustainable Urban Transport (SUT) NAMA TRANSPerú presented its findings to the partners in an official closing event. Continue reading