Kick-off event in Manila: First International Expert Meeting in Promoting Climate Finance for Sustainable Transport

Unbenannt2As a pre-event to ADB Transport Forum in Manila, Philippines, the interdisciplinary Expert Group on Promoting Climate Finance for Sustainable Transport held its first formal meeting.

Learn more about the interdisciplinary Expert Group, download the final report of the meeting, presentations and next steps.

The TRANSfer project has initiated activities to promote the uptake of the use of climate finance in sustainable transport. The objective is to help ensure that climate finance is increasingly used for sustainable transport in an effective way to realize the large GHG emission reduction potential in the sector. To do that, there is a need for an increased mutual understanding between actors active in the areas of climate and transport finance.

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The TRANSfer project intends to target both, the transport finance as well as the climate finance world and develop and distribute recommendations on transport and climate finance based on the following:

a)       Better understanding the characteristics of transport finance of both sustainable and unsustainable forms of transport in order to derive recommendations how climate finance can be used most effectively;

b)      Identifying the entry points for climate finance that may trigger a shift of unsustainable transport investments to sustainable transport and thus helping to upscale mitigation efforts (and leverage public and private investments);

c)       Identifying and making use of ways to address climate finance experts and institutionsand the transport community and disseminating the outputs of a) and b).

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