Training on Quantifying Urban Transport GHG Emissions attracted 23 representatives from 7 different countries


MRV24Back to back to the International Transport Forum Summit 2014 in Leipzig, the GIZ TRANSfer project held a 2-day training course on Quantifying Urban Transport GHG Emissions from May 18-20th in Leipzig. The participants included representatives from various governmental ministries and departments, international organizations and agencies in charge of emission accounting from Costa Rica, Tunisia, South Africa, Philippines, Thailand, Peru and Indonesia.

Building basic understanding of approaches to quantify transport emissions at city level and how to develop accounting frameworks for cities were the main objectives of the training. The course covered methodological approaches and process steps of emissions quantification and setting up emission inventories, as well as an introduction into different tools and how to use them in local policy making. The theoretical content was illustrated by real-world case studies from Germany and Asia and group exercises. A variety of experienced speakers contributed to two rich days of discussions, among them representatives from the INFRAS institute, Ifeu, the Salle University, Phillipines or Clean Air Asia. MRV 2The training closed with a meeting on sustainable transport planning with the director of the traffic planning authority of the city of Leipzig. Afterwards, the participants joint a bicycle tour through sunny Leipzig.

This training covered the fundamentals of emissions quantification, methodological approaches and process steps of the quantification itself, as well as how to use it in local policy making. The theoretical content was illustrated by real-world cases. The training was designed to improve awareness of the need, possibilities and benefits of emissions quantification in transport and build basic capacity to adapt and apply emissions quantification tools to/in local circumstances.

Find here the agenda of the training on “Quantifying Urban Transport GHG Emissions”

Download the presentations as well as the exercises from the training:


Welcome TRANSfer Overview Training

Introduction Climate Change

Urban GHG Inventories

Overview of tools for GHG Quantification

Emission calculation MOBILDEV

Mobildev in IloIlo Biona


HBFEA Localising

Leipzig Scenario


Monitoring policies and measures

Truck Scrapping Improvement Scheme


Exercise 1: Calculating Emissions

Exercise 2: What is your level of service?

Exercise 3: How to solve the problem of data availability?