Webinar: New Vehicle Fuel Economy and CO2 Emission Standard Regulations

banner-3This webinar focuses on one of the most effective tools to reduce the carbon footprint of vehicle fleets: New Vehicle Fuel Economy and CO2 Emission Standard Regulations. The presentation describes the basics aspects of FE/CO2 regulations:

  1. What are New Vehicle FE/GHG Standards?
  2. FE/GHG Standard regulation basics
    1. Metrics (Fuel economy, CO2, GHG)
    2. Timelines
    3. Target attributes
  3. FE/GHG Standards around the world
  4. Cost/Benefit analysis: Vehicle technologies and costs
  5. Complementary measures: FE Label programs
  6. Recommendations for South Africa


The transport sector absorbs around 28% of total energy consumed in the Republic of South Africa. As population and wealth grow, a larger demand is expected in the future. The energy demand in the transport sector depends on vehicle activity and the fuel economy of the fleet, in terms of litres of fuel consumed per kilometer driven. Reducing the transport sector fuel consumption can bring significant benefits in terms of GHG emissions while reducing the cost of transport.

GIZ supports the DOT to facilitate this webinar which will be presented by the International Council on Clean Transportation(ICCT) .

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