Road-based Freight NAMA and Active Transport and Travel Demand Management – NAMA TAnDEM


Colombia has been well-known for its experience in implementing sustainable transport policies and projects in former centuries. In more recent years, while the sustainable transport policies have consolidated, climate change policies and interest in the transport sector have emerged strongly as well based on projects such as CDM for mass transit systems. This gave way to the country’s NAMA portfolio and its explicit interest in cooperating with GIZ on its TRANSfer project, where it begun by developing a road-based freight NAMA under TRANSfer I, and complementing it with the creation of a non-motorized transport policy and NAMA under TRANSfer II since end of 2013.

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Project Objective

Provide support to NAMA development in the transport sector in cooperation with the Colombian government.

Road-based Freight NAMA: reduce and rejuvenate the vehicle fleet, to promote the development of modern freight transport businesses, and to enhance the efficiency of logistic operations.

NAMA TAnDEM: Increase the benefits of active transport in bicycles by implementing measures that will increase their coverage and effect in terms of access, safe and sustainable mobility and reduction of GHG emissions.

Activities on t-NAMAs / Transport and Climate Change

  • Development of a NAMA on road-based freight for the country
  • Support to the freight policies of Colombia and their MRV component
  • Support the development of a policy and NAMA on Active Transport and travel demand Management for Colombian cities

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Further Information

The TRANSfer project is run by GIZ and funded by the International Climate Initiative of the German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB).

Commissoning Agency: German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conversation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)

Budget: (German Contribution): 5.5 million EUROs

Duration: 10/2013-12/2016