[COP23] Experience Climate Friendly Mobility in Cologne

November 9th, 9:30-16:30

Don’t just learn about climate friendly mobility, but experience it with an excursion to Cologne, one of the largest cities in West Germany with ambitious plans in progress to renovate their bus fleet and expand urban mobility options. The excursion offers detailed strategies and hands-on understandings of challenges and solutions in urban transport in Cologne. No resource of Cologne’s public transportation company, Kölner Verkehrs-Betriebe (KVB) AG, will be missed – from KVB headquarters, to their bus depot, subway station, control offices, bike sharing and charging spots. What can be learned from Cologne’s transition to electric buses? Can Cologne’s smart transport systems apply to your own? Join us and find out!

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Thank you for your interest. The registration is now closed due to overbooking.