Highlights of the Regional Workshop on Transforming Building and Transport Sectors through NAMAs, 5-7 May, Manila

IMG_4529Following the regional workshops on Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMAs) in Singapore in 2013 and Vietnam in 2014, the “TRANSfer” project and the “Transport and Climate Change” project (TCC) of GIZ jointly organised with UNEP a workshop on “Transforming Building and Transport Sectors through NAMAs” held in Manila, Philippines from the 5th to 7th of May 2015. The Climate Change Commission of the Philippines hosted the event.

While in total there were 90 participants, during the Transport Specific Sessions up to 40 participants from 8 different countries discussed certain topics including the five different NAMA concepts which have been presented by ASEAN countries.

The transport stream of the workshop examined how NAMAs can: (1) help sustainable transport policy development and implementation, (2) apply the concept of transformational change to t-NAMAs, and (3) enhance the knowledge on t-NAMAs worldwide, support mechanisms, and the Road to Paris COP 21. The workshop also highlighted the significance of NAMAs as an instrument for intended nationally determined contributions (INDCs) and the call for action in formulating climate activities in a bottom-up approach.

Learn more about the workshop, detailed descriptions of the thematic sessions and presentations here

Information about transport and climate change mitigation in the ASEAN region

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