ProNAMA: best practices, challenges and future prospects

Final product cover-page-001 From late 2011 to December 2015, the Mexican-German Programme for NAMAs (ProNAMA) designed a package of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) in the following sectors: a) energy efficiency in the new and existing buildings, b) energy efficiency in small and medium sized enterprises (SME) and c) energy efficiency in the road freight transport sector, in addition to d) providing support for setting up a national coordination system for NAMAs in Mexico.This document compiles the main lessons learned, results and impacts of each mentioned NAMA approach, describing each context, its objectives and the technical designs.

Furthermore it describes the measurement, reporting and verification system (MRV), the institutional framework settings and the inherent funding mechanisms of each NAMA approach. The objective is to share the outcomes with other interested governments, institutions and the wider public who is intending to undertake the development of NAMAs in similar sectors or to set up a national coordination system for NAMAs.

In summary, the following success factors have been crucial to achieve continuous results and impacts throughout the development of the ProNAMA:

  • Strategy: linkage and alignment with government objectives; build and operate the NAMAs on existing mechanisms; get support from public policies related to the NAMA;
  • Cooperation: build constant communication and linkages between actors; promote mechanisms for cooperation with new players;
  • Conduction: consider the importance of the ownership of the NAMA; balance the benefits of mitigation and development;
  • Processes: constant adaptation to the political times; focus on sustainability mechanisms of processes; and
  • Learning and Innovation: permanent capacity building; technological approach according to sectorial context; consider that innovation is the key.


The full document can be downloaded here.  (in Spanish only)

Furthermore, the report is complemented by a virtual library in which further reports and studies developed under the ProNAMA can be downloaded here:

More Information in German can be found here:

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