10 principles for sustainable urban transport – now available in Spanish

20150421Based on the approach “avoid-shift-improve”, the GIZ urban mobility team has designed a vibrant info graphic on 10 principles for sustainable urban transport. The infographic is now available in Spanish! Have a look at the infographic and follow 10 principles of sustainable urban transport!

In order to avoid or reduce the need to travel or to move goods, we have to start with a dense and human scale city planning, to develop transit-oriented cities and to optimize transport networks and its use. Further, we have to encourage people to shift to non-motorized transport such as walking and cycling as well as to public transport. In order to avoid individual motorized transport, we should control and limit vehicle use and combine it with effective parking management. Last but not least and often underestimated, we have to promote clean vehicles and to improve the efficiency of transport operations. Sound and comprehensive mobility planning as well as integration with urban planning are key success factors for implementation of projects.

Click also through the PREZI (English version only) and find out about 10 principles for sustainable urban transport!

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