Insights on the Sustainable Urban Transport Initiative (SUTRI) NAMA at COP20

indonesiaThe TRANSfer Project will share insights on the Sustainable Urban Transport Initiative (SUTRI) NAMA, its process and measures beyond at the Indonesian Pavilion at COP20 in Lima. As a knowledge-sharing platform for actual and real climate actions and efforts in Indonesia, the Pavilion is a place to exchange best practices and lessons learned.

The Indonesia Pavilion will consist of a series of seminars. These seminars will highlight Indonesia’s progress in transforming economic development into low carbon growth and a climate-resilient society. It will showcase actions at the national and local levels.

Indonesia Pavilion will start its seminar on 1 December until 12 December 2014, Monday to Friday. Everyday, two seminars will be held, including the following topics:

  • Low Carbon Economy in national and sub national levels
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Adaptation
  • Climate financing
  • Technology transfer
  • Scientific Challenges
  • Gender and Climate Change
  • The Role of Youth
  • Carbon Market such as JCM, PMR and Skema Karbon Nusantara
  • Forestry
  • Blue economy

Please download the agenda of the Indonesia Pavilion at COP20 here.

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